In a competitive utilities market, customer service is crucial to preserve brand reputation and loyalty.

This includes collection and enforcement activities for businesses and individuals who owe money.

Collecting what is due as quickly as possible is a natural priority, particularly in difficult times, where cash flow is under pressure and organisations are fighting for survival and growth.

Our transparent, intelligence-led services provide greater confidence with ethical, firm but fair treatment of customers that is proven to raise recovery rates, lower complaints and protect your brand.

Having the right skills and expertise to provide effective services in the field, quickly and to every local postcode, is a real advantage. With 450+ certificated enforcement agents, ours is the UK’s largest and most professionally trained field force for collections and enforcement services.

Our commitment to ethics, excellence and compliance set standards that are shaping the future of the industry. And our unique approach to integrated compliance and enforcement provides clients with absolute confidence in our ability to represent their organisation and carefully preserve their brand and reputation.

What can we do?

Our nationwide presence makes the same high quality of services immediately available to you anywhere in the UK. Experienced recoveries specialists combine sophisticated electronic verification and the latest assessment techniques with the industry’s most professional doorstep attendance services to bring you rapid results.

How can we help you?

Our integrated solutions cover the complete range of field services which can be combined with our full collections and enforcement services to produce a rapid recoveries process that is precisely tailored to your requirements. Solutions typically follow our four stage live process.

Integrated live process 

Our four stage live process is designed to bring customer engagement and higher returns earlier in the collections lifecycle using integrated compliance and enforcement that is proven to produce “in quarter” results – including where others have failed.

  • Stage 1 (day 1-2): Letter before action
  • Stage 2 (day 7-14): Field verification and letter
  • Stage 3 (day 28-37): Litigation to obtain judgment
  • Stage 4 (day 38-50): Transfer-up judgment to High Court

Individual services

A complete range of collections and enforcement services are available either individually or within the integrated live process, including:

Tracing & investigation

Establishing the whereabouts of more of the individuals who owe debt.

Address verification

Field-based physical checks to definitively verify address details and ascertain occupancy.

Re-engagement visit

Encouraging direct re-engagement in the recovery process by establishing live contact with individuals at their place of residence or work.

Pre-disconnection visit

Visit the properties of customers at risk of disconnection and attempting to avoid this action by offering repayment terms or ‘pay as you go’ meter installation.

Process serving & letter delivery

With a nationwide field force of dedicated agents, we are able to directly issue and serve any legal documents or letters throughout England and Wales.

Pre-litigation reports

All the information you need to decide whether the customer has the ability to pay.


Taking legal action on your behalf.

High Court services

High Court enforcement is the fastest and most effective form of enforcement in the UK. By transferring up your court order for enforcement as a High Court writ, we recover the money owed to you by the customer under the judgment and pay this money back to you quickly.

High Court returns

Turn your unenforced writs into real results by sending us your High Court returns.

What happens next?

The process is simple. Tell us about your service requirements and, if possible, the recovery and attendance rates you are achieving with your current collections and enforcement activities, even if other providers are being successful. We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate recovery methods and the integrated approach to services we can take that will improve your results.

Your advantage.

ACCREDITED PROFESSIONALS, REAL NATIONWIDE ACCESS.Our multi-award-winning services are based on the individual care and attention we give to every case and the active contribution of experienced practitioners guiding every part of our integrated operations. We believe our ethical approach and our commitment to standards of excellence and compliance make a valuable contribution that helps to shape our industry. The result is refreshingly simple – we collect more unpaid debt with fewer complaints than any other provider.


Nationwide service excellence.

Our tracing and investigation team combines specialist knowledge and skills with enriched data derived from several leading credit reference and market data sources to drive smarter, more efficient processes. Pioneering the use of Body Worn Video equipment, now a universal standard across our team, provides the highest levels of accountability. And our award-winning City & Guilds accredited training programmes, which all of our certificated enforcement agents must complete, together with a state-of-the-art case management system, enables us to deploy qualified professionals matched by skills and competencies to deliver consistently high quality field services nationwide. 

Independent audit and ethical review.

Our commitment to transparency and quality is unprecedented with independently audited and published client results and full-scope reviews of our ethical standards and practices. By focusing on early-stage compliance and debt repair, we do more than simply meet the current legal and regulatory requirements. We make sure we protect our client’s reputation using professional agents trained to read people, situations and behaviour and identify genuinely vulnerable customers. We have even created a dedicated Welfare Support Unit to pro-actively support these cases.

Better value.

With one of the industry’s lowest complaint levels despite our scale, our unique approach to integrated compliance and enforcement provides clients with a cost effective solution and improved results that make our services better value by design.