Tracing & investigation

Tracking down absconded customers is vital to improve recovery rates but often requires more than just a database search.

We use the latest search tools and a selection of databases, combined with the expertise of our specialist telephone trackers and field agents to establish the whereabouts of more of the individuals who owe debt.

Real Results.

With a 70% success rate in obtaining positive intelligence to enable case progression, our results prove the benefit of our three-stage approach.

What can we do?

With 30 full-time specialists and access to the latest technology, all our recovery solutions include comprehensive in-house tracing and investigation services to locate and track absconded debtors, enrich data and make our integrated processes smarter. This includes the services we provide for:

  • Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service
  • Child Support Agency
  • Local authorities
  • Social housing groups
  • Legal practices
  • Commercial property agents
  • Private landlords and clients

How can we help you?

Our services are charged on a “no trace, no fee” basis to eliminate any risk for our clients and are typically configured to escalate in three stages:


Stage 1. Electronic trace

Debtor details are compared and enriched with premium data from two of the leading credit reference agencies and marketing verification data from five separate service providers to give the strongest possible indication of residency. We overlay this with our own extensive database of over 8 million defaulter records to ensure a high probability of success at the earliest stage. This cost effective service is particularly suitable if you have bulk tracing requirements.

Stage 2. Desktop tracing

If a debtor has relocated and a new address is obtained from our electronic trace, we can fast-track the validation of the address using telephone and postal contact methods and more intensive database searches, all undertaken by our in house team of specialist tracers. This will confirm beyond a doubt if the debtor is resident at the newly provided address.

Stage 3. Field verification

Where our desktop service has been unable to categorically confirm residency of the debtor, our field agents will visit the debtor’s premises and make discrete door-to-door enquiries to confirm residency or gather intelligence which may lead to a new address. Our extensive network of nationwide field agents enables us to provide this stage of the service to you very rapidly and at highly attractive rates.

What happens next?

The process is simple. Tell us about your back and front-end tracing requirements and the current level of “no trace” and “no contact” cases you are experiencing, even where other providers have been unsuccessful. We will advise you on the most appropriate recovery methods and the approach we can take that will optimise your results.

Your advantage.


Our multi-award-winning services are based on the individual care and attention we give to every case and the active contribution of experienced practitioners guiding every part of our integrated operations. We believe our ethical approach and our commitment to standards of excellence and compliance make a valuable contribution that helps to shape our industry. The result is refreshingly simple – we collect more unpaid debt with fewer complaints than any other provider.


£1m annual investment.

Applying expert process knowledge and exercising preferential high volume purchasing arrangements for several market leading data resources, we invest over £1m annually to produce the optimum approach to tracing and investigation that is proven to produce the best results at highly competitive rates. By enriching data, including using our own proprietary database of over eight million defaulter records, we have created an invaluable resource for clients and this is just one of the ways we are able to produce significantly higher recoveries and second referral rates for the case files we receive.

Combined approach produces results.

With a 70% success rate in obtaining positive intelligence to enable case progression, our results prove the benefit of a combined approach. Our three-stage approach can prove to be beneficial even when others have been unsuccessful. We believe it is the most thorough and complete method of locating gone-aways available in our industry.

No trace, no fee.

Our high quality services are charged on a “no trace, no fee” basis to eliminate any risk for our clients. Our approach is designed to guarantee value because we understand that, for our clients, it is not just about the trace in isolation. By appropriately re-engaging absconders in the collections and enforcement process, we produce tangible results. Unsurprisingly demand for our services is growing fast and our dedicated team now handles over one million case enquiries per year.