Parking & traffic management

93 local authorities in the UK use our parking and traffic management services.

Our intelligence-led approach improves recoveries, minimises the cost to customers and provides the industry’s most professional full-service response.

Our market-leading tracing and investigation capability enables us to combine extensive recoveries expertise and high quality data to drive smarter services that improve your results and save you and your customers money.

Our award-winning services provide an ethical and effective approach to collections and enforcement, with dedicated management for clients and a much needed firm but fair human face for customers.

Real Results.

Recovering up to:

56% traffic debts at letter stage

63% traffic debts at 1st visit

47% post enforcement cases referred

18% expired warrants previously written-off

Less than 0.1% removal of goods

What can we do?

We collect charges, enforce warrants, target persistent evaders and run ANPR operations on behalf of 93 local authorities in the UK. This includes unpaid road traffic debts, congestion charges and bus lane contraventions for Transport for London as well as conducting recoveries for Westminster City Council, the London Boroughs of Camden, Enfield, Hammersmith & Fulham, Islington, Kensington & Chelsea, major cities such as Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield, and Cornwall. Our investment in nationwide service excellence is shaping future industry standards:

  • 10 ANPR equipped vehicles, a fleet of total lift removal vehicles and our own vehicle pound.
  • A proprietary database containing records of over 8 million defaulters and enriched data derived from several market sources and 2 credit reference agencies.
  • A Tracing & Investigations Division of 30 skilled recoveries specialists with access to advanced knowledge resources and pioneering case management systems that integrate our 50-seat contact centre, also staffed by specialists.
  • Dedicated client management and the UK’s largest, most highly trained national field force of 450+ dedicated enforcement agents, all City & Guilds accredited and connected by leading-edge case management systems.

How can we help you?

Our services are available nationwide and cover the complete range of requirements for parking and traffic management recoveries, including:

Amicable recovery (pre-registration)

Saving money and time by recovering a significant proportion of charges prior to registration and enforcement.


Our certificated enforcement agents visit the customer to enforce the warrant.

Post-enforcement recovery

Where no contact has been made, escalate the case to our Customer Care Centre for post-enforcement warrant recovery.

Persistent evaders & ANPR operations

We are authorised to work on static ANPR operations in conjunction with the police and government agencies.

Expired warrants

A pro-active alternative to written-off warrants by tracing the customer and providing a range of recovery options.

Pre-litigation reports

All the information you need to decide whether the customer has the ability to pay.


Taking legal action on your behalf.

What happens next?

The process is simple. Tell us about your recoveries and resourcing challenges and, if possible, the recovery rates you are achieving with your current parking and traffic management activities, even if other providers are being successful. We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate methods you can add to your current approach and any alternative solutions we can provide that will improve your results.

Your advantage.

THE PROFESSIONAL STANDARD FOR REAL RESULTS.Our multi-award-winning services are based on the individual care and attention we give to every case and the active contribution of experienced practitioners guiding every part of our integrated operations. We believe our ethical approach and our commitment to standards of excellence and compliance make a valuable contribution that helps to shape our industry. The result is refreshingly simple – we collect more unpaid debt with fewer complaints than any other provider.


Better collections.

Substantial investment in integrated and intelligence-led operations produces better results that we seamlessly deliver and manage on our clients’ behalf.

Higher standards.

Our unmatched commitment to professionalism and transparency define the industry’s highest standards with openly published independent audits and ethical practice reviews. It is the same “Model of Excellence for Ethical Debt Recovery” that won the Enforcement Award at the British Parking Awards in 2011. Our services give greater access and support to customers with extended opening hours and payment options, a dedicated Welfare Support Unit, and close working partnerships with the advice sector.

Better value.

By actually reducing the level of registration and enforcement that is needed our innovative approach minimises the cost to customers and saves you valuable effort, resources and costs. With one of the industry’s lowest complaint levels despite our scale, our clients achieve unrivalled results with complete and cost effective solutions that are better value by design.