Arrest enforcement services

Effective and professional handling of arrests sends a clear message to customers.

With more counties outsourcing the execution of their arrest warrants to the private sector, case volumes are rising sharply. The need for professional standards has become more important than ever to ensure all arrests are carried out safely and securely, with no risk to customers, officers or our clients’ reputation.

  • A dedicated team of 26 highly trained and equipped Arrest Officers, executing over 26,000 arrest warrants in 2015
  • 30 years’ experience of arrest on behalf of Magistrates’ Courts and local authorities
  • Executing of arrest warrants on behalf of 38 Magistrates’ Courts
  • A national arrest contract for the Child Maintenance Group
  • A new fleet of cellular arrest vehicles, equipped with additional security features
  • The highest standard of City & Guilds accredited training, refreshed annually

As the UK’s first enforcement company to undertake this work on behalf of Magistrates’ Courts, our services have grown rapidly and in 2015 we executed over 26,000 arrest warrants on behalf of nine of the 15 counties that outsource these services.

By providing our clients with a bespoke approach to executing bail and no bail committal warrants for customers, our services ensure arrests are carried out as professionally, courteously and as sensitively as possible. The reduced risk to customers, officers and clients of using experienced, properly equipped specialists (not re-tasked bailiffs) to carry out this work is the main reason why our services are the preferred professional option for most organisations and represent 75% of all the arrest warrants issued to the private sector.

Key to the successful execution of arrest warrants is a robust compliance regime. Marston has an industry-leading arrest capability, with a range of requirements and processes in place.

Marston has the infrastructure required to undertake difficult work in a safe, risk managed way. This includes:

  • extensive training (including conflict de-escalation);
  • provision of appropriate equipment (such as protective vests and secure cell vehicles);
  • risk-assessed working practices; and
  • technological innovations such as Body Worn Video (BWV) technology pioneered by Marston , that have created an additional layer of safety and accountability.

Marston’s proven processes in a specialist area, and combined with its investment in technology, results in:

  • no requirement for a paper-based process;
  • greater efficiency, as Arrest Officers are expected to be working on-street early in the morning (hours of operation range from 6am to 9pm) and administrative duties are carried out from home by the Arrest Officer after returning from on-street activities;
  • all Marstons’ Arrest Officers being equipped with BWV camera technology, which reinforces transparency and accountability, resulting in reduced complaints from customers and changes to their behaviour; and
  • Marston’s extensive experience and track record in terms of arrest warrant enforcement will ensure stability of service and minimised reputational risk.

Marston ensures that its Arrest Officers:

  • park arrest vehicles in ways that enable a clear exit;
  • conduct assessments of immediate surrounding areas prior to any arrest being attempted e.g. whether neighbours/crowds are gathered around the address;
  • are provided with annual training in respect of conflict management, including identifying warning signs that the defendant may give; and
  • are trained to be alert to new information or changes in circumstances, such as the presence of children or other dependants that might require the intervention of other agencies.

Prior to being allowed on-street, Marston Arrest Officers will have undergone training in:

  • conflict management and resolution;
  • breakaway, control and restraint techniques;
  • search and transportation of arrested persons; and
  • Health & Safety requirements.

As well as the above, Marston also:

  • has well-established liaison processes with local agencies, such as the police, to ensure that they are assisted where there is a risk of breach of the peace; and
  • ensures all Arrest Officers are provided with suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of body armour certified by the Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) to KR1 knife resistance standards and SP1 spike protection standards for use of staff and agents.


How can we help you?

Our services are available nationwide to execute three types of arrest warrant:


Financial arrest (bail and no bail section 136)

To secure payment or bring a customer to court to attend a means enquiry following non-payment of a distress warrant. 

Community penalty breach

To return a customer to court if a community penalty order is not completed.


Where failure to comply with the terms of the warrant can mean imprisonment.

What happens next?

The process is simple. Tell us how you would like us to configure these services to meet your precise requirements or let advise you on the most appropriate and compliant methods that will bring you professional results, with the minimum risk.

Your advantage.

A PROFESSIONAL APPROACH FOR REAL RESULTS.Our multi-award winning services are based on the individual care and attention we give to every case and the active contribution of experienced practitioners guiding every part of our integrated operations. We believe our ethical approach and our commitment to standards of excellence and compliance make a valuable contribution that helps to shape our industry. The result is refreshingly simple; with an extremely low rate of incidents despite our scale, we execute more arrest warrants with greater care and higher professional standards than any other provider.


The highest professional standards.

Our high standards of service mean that we only use experienced officers that know how to prepare and conduct arrests, following detailed professional procedures for assessment, reconnaissance and execution. All warrant addresses are researched in advance using our market leading tracing and investigations unit, which verifies details and conducts additional checks using enriched data derived from two credit reference agencies and several leading market data sources. Our officers will attempt at least three visits at various times of the day, as well as weekends. And, in order to ensure that all arrests are carried out safely and securely, we have invested in specialist equipment and vehicles with additional security features designed to protect the driver and passenger against potential risks during transportation. 

Certificated arrest officers.

All our arrest officers undergo enhanced DBS disclosure checks and are trained to the highest professional level using approved methods in specially-designed training modules that are both Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service recommended and City & Guilds accredited. These include conflict management, physical skills intervention and disengagement techniques. Annual refresher training is also provided as well as access to wider Group learning and induction, with topics including compliance and identifying vulnerable customers. The combination of support and focus has produced an exceptionally close working team. With an average of seven years continuous service, most officers that join us, stay with us.

Committed to ethics and transparency.

Our commitment to transparency is unprecedented with independently audited and published client results and full-scope reviews of our ethical standards and practices. This is also guided by the oversight and governance of our Advisory Group that ensures we remain as the most professional and ethical provider of services in the enforcement industry. Our programme of innovation and continuous improvement includes extensive dialogue with clients and partners such as HMCTS and the advisory sector. Pioneering the use of Body Worn Video equipment, now a universal and award-winning standard across our national field force, provides the highest levels of accountability. The results are tangible. Our methods are demonstrably effective, with a high success rate and with a very low incident rate despite our scale.