Process redesign

200224080-001Today’s efficiency metrics are tomorrow’s legacy benchmarks.

That’s why we don’t just talk about improving processes, we’re actively investing in the change.
It is part of our culture to be passionate about improving our processes because we believe there’s always a better way and we’re genuinely committed to discovering it.

Where better to start this exploration than by taking a look at ourselves from the inside. Not just some conventional “review”.

This is one that we have fully opened up to be led and run (not just contributed to) by our staff.

So, we’ve appointed a special Change team that reports directly to the Chief Executive. It comprises representatives from all of the main areas of the business and is supported by Lean Systems specialists, Habanero. The Change team is commissioned to spend time actively working alongside other areas of the business they don’t usually get to see.

We believe this is where genuine insight is created; enforcement agents in the customer contact centre; employees out-and-about with agents in the field. It is where valuable experience and ideas combine to produce recommendations that will simplify working practices, make life easier for staff and produce far better results for customers and our clients.

“This is a very exciting time for us, and for every member of the workforce, as we undergo this process. We have invited members of the team to provide any form of input, whether a recommendation on the way we conduct day to day tasks, or feedback about procedures in general.

We value openness and honesty from our colleagues and are committed to ensuring that improvements are made from the inside, out.”
Marston Change team

Integrated simplicity

56174048This is the essence of what we are continuously seeking. We have already learned a great deal about how an integrated, end-to-end approach to compliance and enforcement generates better results; more money recovered, faster, with higher satisfaction levels and extremely low genuine complaints.

We are also discovering what a significant role data intelligence has to play in the efficiency and accuracy of all our processes, making every customer interaction better informed and focused.

By being able to instantly communicate what we discover, anywhere in the field, we realise the value lies in the application of this insight, using it well is what makes our services smarter.

“We are striving to achieve an open, consultative and dynamic corporate culture where management, staff and agents at all levels feel empowered to achieve their full potential.

This will help Marston itself to fulfil its own potential. By openly thinking about what can be done differently we will build a better business for the future and create a more positive working environment for staff. Given our scale and the potential for our business to grow, we know it is essential to get this right.

The team at Marston is fully committed and supportive in achieving these outcomes and are willing to consider new ways of working. The involvement of Habanero will bring a range of long-term benefits, including high levels of professional conduct awareness, higher recovery rates, lower complaint levels and improved engagement amongst every member of Marston’s workforce.”
Gareth Hughes, Chief Executive