Ethical audit

Ethics are the foundation of our success, and how our clients expect us to represent them.

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What is an ethical audit?

An ethical audit measures the cultures and behaviours of an organisation, and determines the extent to which its values are embedded across its people and across its processes.

In 2007, we appointed an independent Ethical Governance Review team from Rockpools to assess how well we were ensuring and promoting a positive ethical environment throughout our organisation. As part of the assessment, anonymous surveys were completed by staff, which produced the following results:

  • A high level of job satisfaction
  • A strong awareness of our equality and diversity policies
  • A thorough understanding of Marston Group’s procedures and of its duties to behave responsibly

The audit report concluded that:

“Marston Group is an open and honest organisation that is seeking to improve its accountability. We can confirm that Marston is doing the right things and is seeking to do them in the right way.”

Rockpools Ethical Governance Review team

About our 2013 Ethical Audit

We face an ever-increasing emphasis on the need for the highest standards of conduct while carrying out public duties. The Principles of Public Life inform everything we do for the public sector and beyond.

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

Rockpools’ in-depth analysis and quality of work has helped us to firmly embed ethical frameworks into our business model. Since the first audit in 2007 we have continued to evolve and update our practices, demonstrating the group-wide commitment to refocusing and refreshing our practices and work environment through on-going review.

We completed our third full-scope audit in 2013. The independent six-month review was once again led by renowned corporate and ethical governance expert, Claer Lloyd-Jones.

“The re-appointment of the previous team of ethical governance experts to implement this audit demonstrates that Marston remains committed to refocusing and refreshing its practices and work environment through continued review.

Early indications reveal that Marston has successfully implemented the recommendations made by the review team in its two earlier reviews.

Marston continues to perform above expectation and is clearly focused on upholding its reputation as leaders in this important area.”

Claer Lloyd-Jones

Meet the Leader of the Ethical Governance Review, Claer Lloyd-Jones

Claer Lloyd-Jones_v2Claer has a unique reputation in both the public sector and the field of corporate and ethical governance and has led all three ethical audits of Marston on behalf of Rockpools.

A Tribunal Judge at the Ministry of Justice, Chair of the Standards Committee at the Greater London Authority, Claer is also an associate director at Rockpools and non-executive director of Corporate Governance for Marston Group.

Originally a practicing barrister, Claer’s public sector experience has included roles serving as Chief Executive at the Social Housing Regulator (TSA), Head of Legal Services at the London Borough of Lewisham, City Solicitor at Brighton & Hove Council, and Director of Law and Democratic Services at the London Borough of Hackney.

2013 Staff Survey (preliminary results)

As part of our 2013 Ethical Audit, detailed survey questionnaires were issued to staff and agents as part of the process – for submission anonymously to facilitate unbiased feedback. We are delighted with the results.


Full results will be available following completion of the audit, in due course.


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