Advisory Group

What is the Advisory Group?

In 2011, Marston constituted a ground-breaking Advisory Group, comprising highly experienced and well known professionals across the fields of corporate governance, public affairs, politics, corporate finance, enforcement and law. The Group continues to provide independent and strategic advice to Marston’s executive team.

“Constituting an Advisory Group is a substantive innovation that will provide invaluable support to the organisation during an important stage in its evolution. The members each bring a high level of expertise and extensive experience in their respective fields.

Their oversight and input is welcome, and it provides a high level of credibility to Marston’s clients, customers, business partners and investors. Further strategic appointments will follow in due course.”

Marston Communications and Policy Director, Pamela Mulcahy

The role of the Advisory Group

  • Oversight and review of the professional culture, ethical standards and transparent procedures that we embed across our organisation.
  • Assessing the impact of our services and approach on the industry, in society and as a fundamental component of the judicial process.
  • Contributing leadership thinking by shared insight and research into legal, regulatory and judicial reform, service innovation and the increasing role of welfare support and advice for vulnerable and low-income citizens and families.