Field Team

Having a healthy blend of employed and self-employed field agents across all parts of the UK and Ireland enables us to offer cost effective solutions to our clients.

With a growing team of over 30 employed agents in central parts of the UK and Ireland, supported by our network of over 800 self-employed agents we are able to visit accounts within an average of 4 days from instruction. Alternatively clients can instruct us via our online appointment portal and select a specific date / time or they can take advantage of our intelligent data to drive a BTTC (Best Time To Contact) first visit strategy.

We provide each one of our field agents with our encrypted tablet device to undertake our visits, allowing for 100% of visits to be completed and returned electronically in live time.

We have a well established field management structure, consisting of both office and field based managers as well as a network of supervisors across the UK and Ireland, providing training and support to our field agents. In addition we have an independent audit team who provide both on the ground audits as well as listening and scoring the visits via our VARS product.